Pearls are the only gemstone that are created from a living organism.

Although, pearls are classified as ‘gemstones’ they are not minerals.

They are made from calcium and layers of nacre.

The most valuable pearls are created in oysters.

The color of the jewelry depends on the color of the inside shell.

They can appear in hues such as blue, gray, yellow, green, orange or pink.

There are allusive black pearls, they come from Tahitian oysters.

Pearls are actually an incredibly rare occurrence in nature.

It is estimated that only three or four pearls will be found in every ten-thousand oysters.

Unfortunately, in today’s market, about 99% of all pearls for sale are farm-produced.

The farmers are injecting the oysters with a special serum to replica the growth of a pearl inside of every oyster in the farm.

There are so many different types of pearls.

They fall under three categories: natural, cultured and imitation.

It takes a long time for an oyster to create a pearl.

It ranges from two to four years to grow in a salt water location.

It can take anywhere from two to seven years in freshwater.

It is clear that due to this long process, this piece of jewelry is considered luxury.

The people who wear the the necklace, divide the lengths into six different types.

Collar, choker, princess, matinee, opera and rope.

Pearls are said to give the wearer the power of love, wisdom, protection and luck.

Pearls are thought to give wisdom through experience, quicken the pace of karma and cement love and a relationship when they are gifted to a lover.

This jewelry pendant ranges from two point five to five on the Mohs scale.

They should be protected and stored safely when they are not being worn.

Natural pearls can be looked for by going into the Persian gulf, the gulf of manaar and the red sea.

Understanding the different forms of pearls, can ensure that you are picking the perfect strain for the receiver of he gift.

Here is a list of the most common forms of pearls:

  • Natural (Made without interference)
  • Cultured (Made intentionally with a foreign substance)
  • Baroque (These have irregular shapes)
  • Biwa (Irregular shapes from the freshwater of lake biwa, Japan)
  • Blister (These grow attached to the inside of the shells)
  • Freshwater (Mollusks who hold pearls that looks like puffed rice)
  • Mabe (Cultivated blister)
  • Seed (Small, tiny in shape. Normally seen in Victorian jewelry and sewn onto clothing)

There are a lot of people who would love to wear pearls.

They are one of the most classic, elegant and beautiful jewelry options that someone can own and wear.

This is something that will make an amazing feature to any wardrobe as well as every night out.

Pearls might be hard to come by, but they are not to be passed up when given the option to get your hands on one of the most alluring creations of nature.

Whether you go diving in search of your own in the depths of the Red sea or check out your local jewelry stores, these are something that every woman should own at some point or another.