“All that shines is not gold, but gold does shine.”

For thousands of years, gold has been a mesmerizing metal that has been used to make the king’s crowns, jewelry, and ornaments.

Due to its rarity and high value, Gold has also been used as currency over the years and as a currency base more recently.

However, gold is not even the rarest metal on Earth (there are in fact multiple metals rarer than gold).

So the million-dollar question becomes: what makes Gold such a valuable material for jewelry?

Gold is a valuable metal to make jewelry for multiple reasons like:

Gold is non-reactive: As Gold is a non-reactive metal that does not react with other elements in the atmosphere so even if you keep gold jewelry in a humid environment it won’t degrade over time.

Because of its non-reactive property, Gold does not tarnish with time like other metals. Things made out of Gold can easily last for hundreds of year without any visible deterioration.

Golds longevity makes it a good choice for special gifts like jewelry as it represents the sign of strength in the relationship and probably outlives the relationship itself.

Gold is Easily Shapable: Gold is soft and malleable, which gives great liberty to designers to reshape the metal into limitless unique shapes, creating all sorts of fancy and unique jewelry.

Gold comes in different Color Variations: Gold has many variants like White gold, Yellow gold, and Rose gold.

These are actually alloys of gold with metals like platinum, palladium or copper.

The unique color and material elegance provide a variety to designers to create many possibilities of different designs and color schemes with the different types of Gold, each item being a unique entity with great aesthetic value.

Gold is valuable: Although Gold is not the rarest metal on the planet it is quite scarce, which naturally increases its worth as an ornament.

Due to easy molding process and flexibility of Gold, it can be used to make almost all types of jewelry, be it necklaces, rings, earrings, nose rings, and bangles.

No matter what the type of jewelry, Gold’s aesthetic excellence makes it outshine and speak out loud for itself.

Gold becomes the number one choice when coming to selecting a gift for someone special to you. As Gold is rare, valuable and special, it gives a great value to the wearer.

Summing up, Gold is one of the most beautiful materials to wear as it distinguishes the wearer completely from the surrounding.

Gold fulfills the properties of its word in Greek, “aurium”, meaning the glow of the sun. The glow of jewelry made out of gold makes it unique, aesthetically attractive and elegant.

That is why Gold is a lady’s number one choice in selecting luxury jewelry and ornaments.

If you own an ornament made out of gold, it means you are a part of the lucky club on the planet, who holds a rare part of the planets oldest and most valued ore.