Why are diamonds awesome and make such perfect luxury jewelry?

There is no woman on earth whose heart doesn’t melt at the sight of a diamond.

They are one amongst the oldest things on earth, emerged from the fire of earth’s core when the earth was born.

Humanity’s infatuation with diamond has been eternal.

In the exotic lands of India, diamonds were mined and traded as early as the fourth century.

It is the most precious stone in the earth, and admittedly the most gorgeous.

Americans today buy 40 percent of the jewelry grade diamonds for wedding, anniversaries and celebrations, which explains why the United States is the biggest importer of diamonds in the world.

Why is the world obsessed with diamonds? Because diamonds can be born in exploding stars or supernovae, the eruption of active volcanoes and meteor impacts.

Not only are some diamonds the rarest gems to find, they are literally stars from the sky fallen to earth. When you see a diamond, you don’t just see a rock.

You see the elemental creation of the universe.

In fact, there is a whole white dwarf star named Lucy that has a 25,000-carat diamond in it. Now tell me what other gems can boast the same?

Surprisingly, diamonds, despite the publicity of being one of the rarest stones, is actually not. It is still unimaginably difficult to find one.

It takes for a million parts of the earth to move for one diamond to be discovered. Out of all the diamonds found, only 20 percent is considered jewelry grade.

And of those 20 percent, only one diamond in a million is as big as a carat. The one carat of this gem is so pure and rare, it takes for people to move earth to find a single one.

Diamonds are amazing in their own might, but what makes it a perfect for jewelry is the variety, which are all precious.

In the cosmic reaction of creating a diamond, some trace elements or gases become trapped inside the diamonds, while the surrounding pressure and heat or even radiation seal it in these diamonds can change color.

The classic white cut of diamond that we see is the most sold and desired variety, but the rarest of them is the red diamond.

Yellow diamonds come from tiny amounts of nitrogen, whereas the blue one is because of trapped boron gas.

And the pink diamond, an enigma in itself is still a mystery, because they are completely pure and still built so phenomenally in an atomic level, exude the luscious pink color.

In luxury, diamond is the last word.

And bless our hearts, because diamonds can also be fluorescent sometimes, responding to ultraviolet light in bright blue color.

But 10 percent of the diamonds can also glow green, yellow, white and even red in color.

They are aesthetically perfect when combined with gold, silver or platinum.

While diamond-encrusted platinum jewelry defines luxury and class, gold has the classic vintage look that millions around the world crave.

Despite the rarity and exorbitant price, diamonds are not replaceable when it comes to jewelry making. For hundreds of years, it has remained the most coveted jewel.

Powerfully symbolic to purity, love and all things mystic and old as the universe itself.

No matter what century, a diamond’s value will always remain timeless.